Friday, November 7, 2008

Scientific Visualization

This semester I've been taking a class in scientific visualization. It's pretty interesting and it covers a lot of techniques such as color visualization, human vision and color perception, contours, isosurfacing, volume rendering, flow visualization such as stream lines and stream surfaces and texture based methods.

There are good and bad parts to this course. The bad part is that it is a fairly new graduate course and has no prerequisites. The professor is just trying to build up interest in the course. This equates to us not actually coding the different algorithms, but using a visualization framework, VTK, and c++/java/python/tcl to implement the techniques. The good part is that this semester is one of the busiest I've had, so minimizing my work is a good thing :)

Now on to some pictures.

Contours, Heightmaps:

brain1 brainHM2



2_0 6


Volume Rendering:

dist_0_25 vol1_inv


Glyphs, Stream lines, stream surfaces:

glyph2 glyph0

streamlines0 streamlines3

streamtubes0 streamtubes5

streamsurface0 streamsurface5



Rim said...

You just gotta love the imagery!

I think I saw them use VTK or a similar tool over at our client's, which got me itching to code something like that myself... As if I need yet another pet project :)

Charles Humphrey said...

WOW....wish went to school...Maybe when I am 65 Ill be able to take time to study...

Very cool looking stuff you are doing though, keep the pics coming!

Kyle Hayward said...

:) Thanks. VTK used with the tcl scripting language is really easy to experiment with.

Simian is also a good tool for volumetric rendering.