Thursday, July 30, 2009

Water in Your Browser

Recently I’ve been playing around with O3D. If you don’t know, O3D is Google’s new browser graphics API. It enables you to develop 3d interactive applications that run inside a browser window (and quite easily mind you). In fact it rivals XNA on getting an app up and running quickly.

And on that note, I’ve ported the water sample to O3D (minus the camera animation). Besides a bug I encountered with the sample content converter (and promptly fixed by one of the o3d developers), it was a relatively painless conversion. All that was required was to setup a scene in max, apply materials, export to collada and convert to the o3d format. Setting up the render targets also took minimal effort :). The shaders, for the most part, remained untouched.

Click the picture to have a go!


If you’re interested in the max file or source you can get both here: